Sunday, September 22

Raspberry Swirl Rolls

So... I've been MIA around this blog for nearly the entire summer. Life got a little crazy (more on that later), and there just wasn't any time to sit and blog.

Now that fall has officially hit, I'm hoping to carve out a little more time to get back to doing fun things like blogging. I thought I'd start with some recipes!

Up first: Raspberry Swirl Rolls from the Shopgirl blog. (Photo below obviously hers - no photo I could ever take would be that gorgeous!)

The dough on these was flawless and a half batch was exactly the right size to make six decadent rolls in my jumbo muffin tin pan. This culinary escapade was inspired by the need to use up some delicious raspberry jam a friend gave me that was not going to last long, but I am convinced it would turn out just as magically with any fruit or jam you wanted to use.

This one is decidedly a keeper!

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