Tuesday, September 24

Double Chocolate Biscotti

I know, three recipes in a row. Bear with me, though! I didn't have a lot of time to play in the kitchen lately, but almost everything I tried when I was able to get in there with spare time enough to experiment turned out fabulously and I want to share!

Up today: Double Chocolate Biscotti from Crunchy Creamy Sweet! (Photo hers, of course.)

This experiment was inspired by the fact that I have started making my chocolate chips and had just finished a new batch. (If I'd realized how simple and delectable homemade chocolate chips were, I'd have started making my own years ago!) I use Chocolate Covered Katie's recipe except that I use honey instead of stevia.

Anyway, I'd never made biscotti but felt like it probably shouldn't be that hard. Turns out it's super simple, and the results are amazing! They weren't brick hard like so many of the ones you buy at coffee shops. They were just crispy enough to have an engaging texture, and they were insanely rich. I made very small slices and you only needed one at a time. Plus, the batch made a lot - so much that both my husband and I took some into work to share (to rave reviews). I will definitely be checking out Crunchy Creamy Sweet's other recipes soon!

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