Friday, September 27

Leave it to Dilbert

 If you search for the Myers-Briggs personality profile on Pinterest, you'll quickly notice that of all the personality types, ISTJ's consistently turn up the least positive memes. We're viewed as being boring, predictable and otherwise uninspiring because we're dependable and get things done. (How's that for gratitude for keeping the world running?)

And then - Dilbert! 

Dilbert discovers that the government is illegally copying all of his company's data. When the company computer system crashes, he restores it by hacking the government database. Government agents are dispatched to his mother's house, and this is what ensues:

Clearly, Mombert is an ISTJ. We may seem predictable, but we are also fiercely loyal. Start with our loved ones and the only thing you'll be able to predict is that it will end badly for you!

Thank you, Scott Adams, for finally and succinctly coming up with something ISTJ's can pin to show off our true colors in a positive light!

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