Monday, February 20

Menu Idea Monday

Today's recipe couldn't be more simple. It has only two ingredients, but it's perfect - Homemade Lara Bars from This Chick Cooks.

This was embarrassingly easy... and eating the whole pan in one sitting would be too! If you didn't pat the mixture into a pan but left it just little balls of cashew and date yummy-ness it would make a great breakfast cereal (no milk required). Although it's super healthy for you, this recipe is unfortunately not particularly cheap so I'm counting it as a valuable but sparingly made treat in my recipe arsenal.

My Modifications:

Zilch. Made as directed.

Dietary Mod Friendly?

It would be pretty hard to modify this, since there's only two ingredients, but unless you're working around a nut allergy there's nothing in here to worry about avoiding!

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