Tuesday, February 14

Book Suggester Tool

Most avid readers have a list of books a mile long that they'd like to read if they could just find the time. But sometimes, for one reason or another, we can find ourselves looking for something new.

Maybe you liked a new author or new subject and want to read more in the same vein. Maybe you're a parent or teacher, trying to help a child find books that will engage and excite them.

Whatever you're reason, I found (via Pinterest) a great new tool for you!

It's simple to use: just enter the the title or author of a book you liked. The site will sift through its database of reader favorites and reviews and spit out suggestions for what to read next.

It's not flawless, of course. Punching in Terry Goodkind got me both Piers Anthony (good) and Robert Jordan (not such a fan), among others. The C.H.A.O.S. novels are new enough that they don't appear to be in the system yet. Generally speaking, though, this looks like a fun new tool that could come in quite handy.

How do you find new things to read?

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