Monday, February 6

Menu Idea Monday

Today, I offer you an amazing deal: two delectable recipes in one! First up: Apple Cider Floats from Folk. Simple but indulgent - an ingenius layering of (good quality) vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and hot apple cider. Yum!

As a bonus, I bring you the devastatingly awesome Easy Caramel Sauce recipe from The Pioneer Woman. I have no idea how this recipe didn't get picked for her cookbook, but it has become a permanent fixture in mine!

(As usual, pictures were borrowed from the sites offering the full recipes. I take no credit for them.)


These floats were a great treat for a cold night! Frothy and sweet, but not over-the-top. I'm not usually a huge caramel fan, but this sauce is to die for! Do not make more than you need, or it will call to you from the fridge, tempting you endlessly to just pick up a spoon and eat it straight. Seriously.  

My Modifications:

I used whole raw milk instead of the half & half to make the caramel sauce. Everything else I made to spec.

Dietary Mod Friendly?

There aren't a lot of ingredients here, and most are pretty forgiving. There are no nuts, soy or gluten, and the dairy could be swapped out for your favorite substitute without harm.

Probably the best part is that the caramel sauce is made with brown sugar, so if you subbed Splenda brown sugar you could have a gourmet sugar-free caramel sauce!

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