Monday, February 13

Menu Idea Monday

I don't read Glamour Magazine, but the cookbook put out by their editors is full of delectable treats easy enough for even the most novice cooks.

Despite being happily married already, I had to start with their trademark recipe - Engagement Chicken. Check out the full recipe here.


Simple but profoundly delicious, it was easy to see why it sparked so many engagements! Serve with a salad and rice, and you'll impress anyone. (As a bonus, it makes plenty to have as leftovers the next day.)

My Modifications:

I skipped the sliced lemon and sprinkled herbs you were supposed to use as garnish. I also did without the rack in the roasting pan. Otherwise, it was made as directed.

Dietary Mod Friendly?

There's not a lot in here to complicate one's diet - no sugar, no gluten, no nuts, no dairy - this shouldn't take any mods at all to be everyone friendly! 

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