Saturday, February 4

Ambushed by Planned Parenthood

I am no fan of the Susan G. Komen Foundation, but I was disgusted by the recent news that it has been ambushed by the politically savvy and ethically dessicated Planned Parenthood.

It has long been my opinion that Komen spends much of their money unwisely and supports treatments/ policies not borne out as genuinely helpful by medical science. It's also been pretty clear that it had it's heart in the right place... it just didn't know any better.

I applaud the directors at Komen for recently taking the fiscally and ethically responsible step to revise their grant making policies. To better ensure that they are using their power to help women to the best of their ability, they instated one new criteria: barring agencies currently under investigation by local, state or federal authorities from receiving grant money. 

That should strike any listener as a universally sound policy.

Planned Parenthood, who stood to receive nearly $700,000 from Komen until being disqualified by the new policy, disagreed. Instead of looking for other ways to partner with Komen, PP went on the offensive - launching a brutal viral campaign slamming and slandering their former funder for selling out women to further their political aspirations.

Now I don't know about you, but when I think of government, fiscal responsibility isn't exactly what comes to mind. So without doing some serious twisting of the facts (which they are, have and seem content to continue doing), PP has no case.

Unfortunately, it's far too late for beleaguered Komen to repair the damage done in the maelstrom of PP's smear campaign. Many feminists and liberals, outraged by the supposed insult to their reproductive rights are refusing to listen or look at the facts, clinging instead to their wronged and indignant PP.

Though I've no wish to heap insult on injury, I cannot help but note that this is a crucial case study on choosing one's friends carefully - personally and professionally. Just because someone could help you in working towards a goal does not mean it is wise to partner with them. The unscrupulous and ethically eroded will not hesitate to devour their "friends" as quickly as they do their enemies should such a "friend" cease to be useful.

I hope that other non-profits, organizations and individuals will see clearly the message so that so many angry, propaganda-fed women are not. It's time to reevaluate our partnerships and exchange bonds with wolves in sheep's clothing for new bridges to non-profits founded on integrity, compassion and sound business practices. Whether you're partnering at a corporate level or donating on a personal level, you are responsible for who you support and what they wreak- for better or worse - so be very sure you know who you're dealing with!

Update: Ugh! Shame on you Komen for giving in to PP's treachery and promising to continue funding them! They now not only won this round through their nastiness, they will end up with double the money they would otherwise have had since their little "poor us" pity campaign brought in over $600,000!! It wasn't bad enough to be blindsided? You had to be cowed and made a mockery of as well?

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