Tuesday, September 13

Women of Faith

It's been years now since I darkened the door of a church. Although I was raised as a church kid, getting into the food service industry pretty much wrecked my habit of attending. It was just impossible to go consistently around the mandate to work Sundays. Crazy hours the rest of the week prevented me from making connections and building friendships at non-Sunday opportunities like small groups, a Bible study or ladies' book club. (Moving every year or two didn't help either, I suppose.)

All excuses aside, it's safe to say that beyond what's happening online and the faith-based books I read/ review from Thomas Nelson via BookSneeze, I'm rather behind on the big names and big news in the Faith World.

So it's with a little trepidation and a little excitement that I am making plans to attend this year's Women of Faith Conference in Rochester, NY. (Nov. 4th &5th)

I confess I'm excited about Angie Smith and Natalie Grant being there - big fan of both those ladies! (Have you seen Angie over at Bloom and (in)Courage recently?) I'm also considering this a personal challenge to step outside my comfort zone and beyond my status quo. I'm not sure what I'll find, but I'm expecting it to be good!

Are you attending a WOF Conference this year? They're holding events all over the country, so see if there's one near you.

If you're headed to the Rochester event, I'd love to hear from you! How awesome would it be to head to the event already knowing there were beautiful, awesome ladies to meet and hang out with!?

Been to a WOF event before? Leave me some pointers! 

Either way, I'll do a post-event review up here so check back to see how to goes!

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