Sunday, September 25

Close Enough To Hear God Breathe

Street Pastor Greg Paul brings readers to a deeper, more intimate understanding of the love and desires of God through correlations of scripture and anecdotes of daily life. The compassion of a parent for a child, the comfort and camaraderie of a best friend and the passion of a lover, Paul argues, each exist as mimicry of the heart and role of God in humans' lives. Building on these experiences, Paul invites readers to enter deeper, richer and more intense relationships with their heavenly Father

The author works with addicts, prostitutes and the homeless at his Sanctuary facility in Toronto; his experiences in that role clearly shape this work. His explanations and invitations seem particularly suited to those who are disenfranchised and might particularly struggle with knowing and understanding heavenly love and grace. At the same time, the lessons seem as if they might have a hard time reaching that particular population since many of them do not have the solid, grace-based relationships with parents, children or friends that the author uses as analogs.

For someone in a dark place, needing reassurance or seeking to re-find the intimacy of a Faith long lost, this could be a moving and welcome book. As a stand-alone, casual read however, I didn't find it captivating or inspiring.

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