Thursday, September 15

Accidetal Elite-ism

Remember this picture? It's from this post.

(Yes, I know. My picture taking skills are unimpressive. That's beside the point.)

That is my French Press. I bought it last year in a preparedness fit because it happens to be a sure-fire way of making coffee in any eventuality. Boil water, pour over grounds, wait two minutes, then slowly depress the knob on top. Voila! Flawless coffee every time. (Unless of course you can't boil water, in which it doesn't matter since you'll probably be dead soon anyway. *ahem*)

The irony of that purchase is that everyone else I know with a French Press bought it because they are a coffee snob (which I mean in an entirely positive way - I'm all in favor of eating only quality, truly enjoyable food). Years ago already French Presses became the rage among coffee gurus because they brew an alluringly smooth and strong cup of delectability.

Despite pulling the Press out for special occasions, I kept using my trusty four- cup Mr. Coffee every morning out of habit. I bought that thing back in college and it still works faithfully! Or at least it did... until the local stores stopped carrying filters for it.  Apparently, the general logic is that either people make entire pots of coffee (8-12 cups) or they've given in to the combined forces of Starbucks and Keureg.

Either way, I announced to Eric about two weeks ago that we were now accidental elitists. The Mr. Coffee is being given away, and we have been enjoying our suddenly gourmet level brew ever since.

It feels decadent to actually pay attention to making my coffee every morning, and I certainly enjoy it more. I can't help but smile every time, though, remembering that if it weren't for the burning desire to be prepared for the coming Zombie apocalypse I would never have bought this little treasure in the first place.

If you're at a loss for good presents to tack onto your Christmas list this year or if you know anyone who'd rather be eaten by Zombies than go without their coffee, considering adding a French Press to your list!

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  1. Ha! We did EXACTLY that recently when our power was out! I had pre-ground coffee, and was able to light my gas stove with a match to enjoy wonderful, electricity-free French press coffee!

    Hope your power doesn't go out anytime soon, but enjoy your elitist coffee all the same :)