Monday, September 26

31 Days 2011!

Last year, Melissa over at Inspired Room and a bunch of her blogging friends did a 31 day challenge. Each of them picked a topic they were passionate about and did a post on it every day during the month of October. Although there was no way to read all the posts those awesome ladies did, there were some great posts to be enjoyed!

This year, they're at it again and they've issued an open invitation for anyone who wants to join them! I'm sure it's insane, but as a challenge to myself I'm going to go for it. I picked the most "me" topic possible - food! Specifically "Building a Frugal, Functional [Real Food] Kitchen". Some of the posts will be short, none will be earth-shattering, but I hope it will help me focus on what really works and share the best practices (and best recipes!) I've come across that might help someone else.

(Check out this button I made on Picnik, which I'd never heard of until two days ago. Not amazing, but not bad for a first try either!)

If you are inspired to join, just click on the link above for Melissa's page to find out the details. Then head back over there Oct 1st to link up and see what everyone else is writing about.

If not, that's okay too. You can just stop by here periodically and watch me unravel myself into craziness with this challenge! :0)

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  1. Oooo... how tempting! If it wasn't for the fact that my October is filling up and I'm pretty sure that I will miss a lot of days I would do it. Of course, could I really make 31 posts on the Civil War?? I look forward to reading your posts!