Wednesday, September 14

Take Out... The Whole Foods Way

We've largely given up on eating out around here. The service is lacking and almost all the food is made with processed crap, white flour and tons of sugar. In fact, we always feel the after effects if we try to eat out.

Fortunately, my library system has a bazillion cookbooks and my husband is generous with my experimentation. (He's actually pretty good at cooking for himself when he needs to.)

On a whim, I picked up The Take-Out Menu Cookbook from the library. Imagine my surprise when I flipped it open and discovered that not only will it save you tons of money in not eating out - the authors went the extra step and used all real, whole-food ingredients!

If you read cookbooks at all, you know this is a rare and wonderful event. No working out substitutions in your head and hoping to approximate the new recipe because it's already done for you. Recipes made with things you likely already have in the house!

If you're looking for something different, or struggling with giving up some of your favorite restaurants for health or budgetary reasons give this a try. I guarantee you'll come away with at least a few recipes that prove to be worth their weight in gold!

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  1. Do you think that many of these recipes could be converted into GF versions?