Thursday, March 31

PSA : 1 in 133

Given my extensive disdain for the FDA, I was not the least bit surprised when an email came through my inbox noting that - despite being being specifically tasked to do so years ago - the authorities have completely failed to introduce "clear, federally established and monitored regulations for gluten-free food labeling".

1 in 133 people is gluten intolerant; though the reaction is slower and less dramatic than the anaphylactic shock of people succumbing to nut allergies, the damage is no less severe or ultimately fatal.

The lack of clear labeling in the face of such a universal ingredient is a serious threat to the health of millions of Americans and, frankly, it's simply uncalled for. Honesty in labeling should be a basic expectation of all food producers and it is to America's shame that we do not require and enforce it on all fronts.

A coalition of GF food producers, Celiac Awareness groups, researchers, etc. has decided to get some publicity on the issue in hopes of (politely) embarrassing the FDA into getting its act together. They're hosting a Gluten Free Food Labeling Summit in Washington, D.C. on May 4th of this year.

(Did you know May has recently been designated National Celiac Awareness Month?)

If you or anyone you know has Celiac Disease, is gluten intolerant, or is just a proponent of honesty in food labeling, please pass this information along and considering visiting the event's website to see if you can be involved or offer support. When dealing with the FDA, I believe we should take up the FAA's motto: "We're not happy till you're not happy!"

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