Thursday, January 2

Starting New Habits? Remember These Two Tips!

Happy 2014!

In support of everyone who might be trying to start positive new habits this month, I wanted to share the two best (scientifically proven) tips for success I ran across in 2013:

1. Seconds matter.
Studies consistently prove that very small amounts of time can make a huge difference in our behaviors. You can dramatically cut down the number of pieces of candy you snack on at work simply by moving the dish from somewhere within easy reach to somewhere that requires you to stand up and take a few steps to reach it. Similarly, if there's something you want to do more of - practice an instrument, work on a stitching/crochet project - you can significantly improve the frequency with which you pick it up simply by moving it into plain sight (by the couch or your favorite chair, perhaps). Trying to eat better? Consider coughing up the extra couple bucks or extra half hour every week to stock your fridge with pre-prepped snacks. Even the few extra minutes it takes to slice an apple is enough to kick your brain into grabbing something instant - and usually less healthy. 

2. Link your habits.
Connecting a new habit to an existing habit is one of the fastest and surest ways to make it second nature and ensure you don't forget. So decide that after you brush your teeth you'll lay out your outfit for the next day, or after you sit down at your work computer to get started in the morning you'll send someone a quick text or email to let them know you're thinking of them. No matter what the habit is, linking it to a tiny part of your existing life/routine will make a big difference!

Note: I will add the sources/references for these as soon as I can dig up the titles in case you want to read more about setting yourself up for success in the new year.  :)

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