Sunday, January 26

The Adam Quest

Author Tim Stafford brings readers the stories of eleven scientists who have faced fierce battles reconciling their faith with their careers. Battling both fellow believers and their professional peers, these individuals present strong evidence that it is possible both to fully embrace science and one’s faith even, and perhaps especially, on subjects that have long been considered breaking points between the two. 
I deeply appreciated the author’s heart in searching out and telling these stories, and I applaud the scientists interviewed for their honesty, persistence, and fortitude in pursuing the truth and unity despite seemingly endless battles and sacrifice, both personally and professionally. 

Some excellent (if slightly appalling) information was tucked throughout this book, but I did not enjoy it at all. It was a slow and often depressing slog; the writing felt flat and it was difficult to engage with the stories. Leaders of the faith choosing to spread misinformation and believers alienating and persecuting Christian scientists over their efforts to pursue Truth through the lens of science was frustrating and irritating. While the author’s intent was clearly to call the Church to better awareness and action, Christians often came off as petty and narrow minded (legitimately, given the scientists’ experiences, but still depressing). Finally, although the point was clearly to pave a smoother path for the next generation of Christian scientists, I couldn’t help but feel it might do exactly the opposite. Given the extensive battles and sacrifice these individuals have made for no reward and little progress, young readers may well be discouraged from throwing their own hats into the ring, rather than inspired to take up the cause.

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