Thursday, January 16

Eye of Round: Cooking A Rare (But Delectable) Cut of Meat

In a rare alignment of the stars, my Prince was home this year during hunting season and able to get us a deer! As we butchered it and wrapped up the yummy-ness to stash in the freezer, I realized that I had never cooked an Eye of Round and had no idea how to do so.

Undaunted, I did a little research and stumbled across this post. When a recipe has over 500 comments raving about how well it turned out, you know you've found a keeper!

Sadly, I have no pictures for you, as it was positively divine and we had devoured it in its entirety before we knew it. (Which is probably just as well, considering my poor photography skills.)

If you can get your hands on an Eye of Round, do yourself a favor and make this!

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