Friday, January 24

Best Products: Stain Remover

Kristen over at We Are That Family hosts a blog carnival every week called Works for Me Wednesday. In her words:

WFMW is a “blog carnival”. Basically, the idea is that on Wednesday you post a little tip  you’ve learned on any (G-rated) topic–anything that has “worked for you” in making your life easier.

I'm not a consistent enough blogger to stick to posting such things routinely on Wednesdays, but I do really like her idea. So today I'm adding a new "Best Products"category to my blogging. My goal is not to advertise for anyone (none of these posts will be sponsored), but just to share what I've found out the hard way through research and experience to hopefully save other people looking for similar items time and effort.

I'm going to start off with something unglamorous but deeply practical: stain remover. Having spent years living in apartments (which inexplicably insist on having light colored carpets that show everything) with a puppy/dog, I have tried just about every all natural and commercial-but-less-than-insanely-toxic cleaning solution there is. While I'm a big fan of baking soda scrubs and castile soap, when they aren't cutting it or you have to deal with the remains of a pet being sick, the best ever stain remover is LA's Totally Awesome Pre-Wash Stain Remover. (Yes, that is actually the product's name.)

Another friend of mine (with cats instead of dogs) has testified to having the same consistently impressive results I've had. This product never fails, never stains or damages the clothing, carpet, or furniture you're using it on, has no noxious smells, and - best of all- doesn't cost an arm and a leg! (The only place I've ever found to buy it is at the Dollar Store.)

This product has definitely been a life-saver for me and, as it has recently helped save two of my favorite shirts from stubborn, problematic stains, I am happy to make it the first Best Product I'm sharing!

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