Friday, December 27

Tolkein Day is Coming!

Now that Christmas is officially past, many people are eagerly looking forward to New Year's as their next cause to celebrate and enjoy a rich repast.

And while I certainly hope you have a wonderful New Year's, I'd like to offer you a cheerful reminder that your celebrating doesn't have to end January 1st, because January 3rd is Tolkien Day!!

In honor of the fabulous world created by J.R.R. Tolkein, I recommend celebrating by eating like a hobbit - see the schedule at right if you're not familiar with it.  (If your January resolutions including eating better, however, you can still participate by eating like an Elf... lots of greens and a little flatbread.)

If you're in need of creative ways to celebrate, there are all kinds of great ideas floating the web - suggested party menus, movie marathons, games, trivia - you name it! If you're feeling really adventurous, wear a wizard hat or your favorite battle axe to work... that should spark some great conversations!

Whatever you choose, great literature is one of life's simplest pleasures, so try to take at least a few minutes this year to raise your glass or tip your hat to one of the masters of the literary arts! (And if you have a child in your life who has not been introduced to Tolkien's amazing books, will you take a minute to recommend them? Every library will have a complete copy of the set, and everyone deserves the joy of exploring a great adventure between the pages of a epic.)

See you at afternoon Tea!

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