Wednesday, December 11

31 Days to Happiness by Dr. David Jeremiah

I was a little surprised to see a book with a “self-help” title like 31 Days to Happiness being written by Dr. Jeremiah, being somewhat familiar with his usual style of work from his radio show. As it turns out, this isn’t really particularly about happiness – the subtitle (How to Find What Really Matters in Life) is a much better descriptor of the book’s content. The author takes readers through an in-depth look at the book of Ecclesiastes and its truths about life.

As usual, Dr. Jeremiah’s work is right on target in terms of being spiritually/theologically accurate, well researched, well laid out, and well written in all technical aspects. His points about how to approach life (and therefore find happiness/meaning/peace of mind) were all right on target. I periodically found myself having a hard time staying engaged (the numerous stories/ examples sometimes felt more distracting than helpful), but I was reading straight through rather than reading 1 chapter per day in a devotional fashion as the book is intended to be used. If you are looking for good insights in grappling with life from a Christian worldview, this is a great resource. If you’re looking for self-help books related to happiness, this isn’t what you want.

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