Sunday, December 15

A Glimmer of Hope

If you have ever read science fiction, you know that mankind's ingenuity and invention are among its crowning glories. History is full of people - plain, once obscure people - who found new ways to do things and revolutionized the world.

Working in the grants world, where politics often result in money going to pointless projects that the science proves won't work while really worthwhile endeavors get left in the cold, frequently leaves me feeling extremely cynical about the ability of the world's current population to live up to either our ancestors or our hopes for the future.

Until I watch TED Talks.

Not all TED talks are created equal, but just one good one can go a long way towards restoring my faith that there are, in fact, still brilliant and passionate people making the world a better place. Recently, I was blessed to find not one but two AWESOME talks on a subject near and dear to my heart: America's food system.

Take note funders griping about the lack of women entrepreneurs/scientists: I think perhaps there is not so much a lack of women in these roles, as a lack of women in these roles doing what you want them to... ha!

Please, when you can, take a couple minutes to watch these and pass them along. Both of these women have created real tools, functional and relevant to the real world, that can empower all of us to exponentially increase the impact of our efforts to crack the hold of Monsanto and other nasty mega-agribusinesses and create the kind of food system that is healthy for us, the environment, and generations to come!

Technical difficulties with blogger are preventing me from simply inserting the videos here for some reason, so here are the relevant link:  Can a Simple Piece of Paper Change the Way We Eat? Kavita Shukla at TEDxManhattan   and  Why Food Transparency Matters and How Can Help: Cara Rosaen at TEDxManhattan. 

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