Wednesday, October 17

The Logic of Government: Unnessary, Unwanted Training For All

 In August, I attended a workshop for grant writers. I didn't learn what I'd expected to, but I did run into plenty of mind-boggling information. What decidedly irked me the most was the presence of State employees (who were already guaranteed huge sums of government money, unlike the rest of us) complaining about how badly they needed money to deliver trainings people didn't appreciate.

A representative for a lesbian/gay/bi-sexual group went on about how her group gets plenty of funding, but then struggles to get into schools to deliver the programming being funded because people are "resistant" to them. Department of Justice reps ranted about how stupid cops, schools and towns are because they reject trainings on sexual harassment, child pornography and "cultural sensitivity" for themselves and their children.

It was infuriating the sit and listen to these people rant about cramming training down the throats of people who had the nerve to think that they should choose their own (politically incorrect) opinions on something, and that they should have the right to decide what their children get taught while sharing the room with hospice workers, educators and others struggling to scrape together money for desperately needed humanitarian and cultural enrichment projects.

So I would like to offer a simple suggestion to Congress: there's no need to fuss about how to close the gaping fissures in funding that lead to budget deficits. Just stop funding training the public doesn't want anyway. The materials exist, the trainers are willing. If people want training in anything politically correct, they'll have no trouble finding it or funding it themselves.

Stop wasting what could be productive time poured into the economy and money that could be repaying the deficit or funding vital services. Sure, you'll have to listen to the cries of discrimination from the slighted awareness groups for a while but I guarantee the praise of your grateful constituents would more than drown them out.

What do you say - worth a try?

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