Monday, July 16

Menu Idea Monday: Slow Cooker Chicken Caesar Sandwiches

Photo from Chef in Training, of course!
One of the challenges of summer is enjoying a satisfying hot meal for dinner without turning on the oven and pumping unwanted heat into the house. (Especially if you don't have a grill, which we weren't allowed to for years in various apartments.) Today's recipe has a great solution: your crock pot!

Check out these Chicken Caesar Sandwiches from Chef in Training!

Cooking the chicken in the crock pot was easy and made it impressively juicy and delicious. Even with making my own burger buns, this was a simple meal and we both loved it. It would be a great and unique option for a potluck or summer get together, and would work just as well in wraps or over salad. 

My Modifications:
I skipped the parmesan cheese and the parsley and didn't miss them at all.

Dietary Mod Friendly?
You could cut the gluten from this just by using GF rolls or tossing the chicken over salad.
Avoiding other allergens will depend entirely on your ability to find an acceptable caesar dressing.

**Notes on Salad Dressing**

Salad dressing is a notoriously tricky product to buy. Most dressings - even those marketed as gourmet or healthy - contain nasty oils like canola or soy that are very bad for you. Others contain msg and other dangerous flavor additives. Always read the ingredient list, even if you've bought safe dressings from that brand before. Whenever possible, it's best to make your own, but when that's not feasible it's worth while to spend a couple extra bucks to buy the good stuff. I've had good luck with Brianna's brand dressings and occasionally with the store-brand gourmet- style bottles.

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