Monday, July 23

Menu Idea Monday: Salt & Vinegar Roasted Potatoes

Photo from UmamiGirl, of course!
I've never been much of a potato chip person; they just don't hold much appeal for me. My salt addiction, however, is a well-documented fact (though my husband has done much to mitigate it over the last five years or so). Arthas and I have been known to have well salted steak fries for dinner occasionally while my husband is deployed. (Spoiled puppy that he is, he won't eat them unless you put ketchup on them first... he knows how they're supposed to be served!)

Steak fries not being cheap, I knew when I ran across a recipe for Salt & Vinegar Roasted Potatoes over at Umami Girl that I had to give them a try.

Yumminess! These decidedly satisfied a salt craving, but they were so rich and substantial that you didn't need very many to be completely sated. They're also quite healthy and cheap to make. Wins all around!

My Modifications:
For some reason, I couldn't get my hands on fingerling potatoes so I subbed regular sized potatoes and just increased the boiling/cooking times as needed. I don't stock malt vinegar, so I stuck with the standard white vinegar option.

Dietary Mod Friendly?

Unless for some reason you can't have potatoes, there's nothing to object to in here! Even people on a restricted salt diet should be able to pull these off - just make sure you use sea salt, as you'll need barely a sprinkle to get the amazing flavor.

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