Monday, July 2

Free Entertainment

I've never been one to read the classics (LotR notwithstanding). Shakespeare, Dickens, Hemingway - I want to prescribe them all Prozac and move on! But I am a voracious reader, and truly appreciate good writing. When you've seen the magic that is an intricately woven novel with characters so realistic you can't help but weep for them, you can start to find yourself a little accidentally condescending when you come across rubbish disguised as popular literature.

Twilight was a great example of the kind of book that makes fans gush and book snobs start popping Excedrin. But now, there's Fifty Shades of Grey. Some intelligent, insightful bloggers have chosen to address with the subject matter in well crafted, articulate posts; they're well worth reading if you're looking edification or a philosophical discussion. 

If you're looking for simple entertainment, however, might I suggest another course? There are over 7,000 reviews for FSoG on, and over 1,000 of them give the book only a single star. If you click on the 1 Star link, it will pull up for you all the single star reviews - and they are some of the funniest reading I have done in ages!

Articulate, smart and hysterical, reviewers share everything from the Kindle word counts they did of agonizingly repetitive phrases (such as the highly imaginative "oh crap") to the way they stopped halfway through the book to Google the author's age (average guess was 14).

If you're looking for something to lift your spirits (proof that there ARE still people who recognize and appreciate good writing) and make you laugh, consider checking out the 1 star review page... it's leagues better (and cheaper) than the actual book and won't make you want to scrub your brain afterwards!  

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