Tuesday, July 17

Globequake by Wallace Henley

It's no secret that the world is changing; in fact, change has become the new constant. In the midst of chaos, collapse and uncertainty on all fronts – social, moral, political and physical – humanity is reaching out for something stable to anchor itself to. Enter author Wallace Henley with a clear-as-a-bell reminder that the kingdom of God is unshakable and the perfect anchor in our crazy times.

I give this book five stars for theological soundness. The author knows his Bible and provides consistent textural evidence of what it has to say about staying anchored. His arguments are logical, reasonable and without noticeable gaps.

I cannot offer the same praise for the format and writing style. The tone was more of a seminary lecture than the accessible chat-over-coffee format one might expect from a book purporting to offer encouragement, hope and practical strategies for holding ground amidst chaos. I saw the logic in his decision to break the conversation down by “sphere” but felt it gave the book a fragmented feel instead of providing the desired organization.

There was a lot of valid truth here, and it might be a good read for people in ministry who need to regularly speak knowledgeably to these concerns, but I would not recommend it to a friend for general reading.

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