Wednesday, April 11

Patience is a Virtue

If the the Pilgrim fashion of naming children after virtues continued in modern day, my name would certainly have been Persistence. It would most definitely NOT have been Patience.

Thus I am reminding myself this morning that patience made the Fruit of the Spirit list while persistence did not. As inefficient as that may seem to me, it remains a fact. So I shall endeavor to craft a simple update out of what I would like to be a rant. 

A mere 48 hours from now we should have been sitting down to close on our house. But somewhere in the convoluted chain of paperwork pushers behind the scenes there was a 'hiccup'. While we assured that everything is in order, we are being forced to wait an extra week to close and get our treasured keys.

As I apply my attention to other things in an effort to use this time efficiently, I cannot help but wish that I could send the following simple e-card to whomever it is holding up this entire process with their lack of timeliness:

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