Monday, April 30

Menu Idea Monday: Tomato Basil Cream Pasta

Check out this great recipe for Tomato Basil 'Cream' Pasta - it has officially made my list of busy-night and emergency back up meals! Recipe and picture from Oh She Glows.


This was amazingly fast, easy, delicious and satisfying. It is going to be a great option for busy nights or those hot days of summer when you want a proper hot meal but can't stand to turn on the oven. It can also easily become a food- storage- friendly meal!

My Modifications:

Not having any fresh tomatoes on hand I subbed half a can of diced tomatoes (you can use regular or the garlic kind). I also subbed garlic powder for the minced garlic and dried basil for fresh.

Dietary Mod Friendly?

Cashews don't tend to trigger nut allergies, so this should be acceptable to most people. It's safe for those on reduced sugar diets, contains no dairy, and can be gluten free with the simple substitution of GF pasta.

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