Monday, April 2

Menu Idea Monday: English Muffin Toasting Bread

From Changeabletable, this was a recipe I tried on an impulse. I was looking for something easy and different for breakfast and English Muffin Toasting Bread sounded good!

(Photo from original site, as always.)


This recipe offers great results for little effort. The bread comes out with the same pleasing consistency as English muffins, but it's quick and neat to slice. If you're serving a crowd, these slices can be toasted up en masse on a griddle or under the broiler - no long waiting to rotate individual muffins through the toaster!

My Modifications:

The recipe as written makes four loaves, but since I didn't need nearly that much I cut it down to make just one. The recipe scaled nicely and I made no other changes. 

Dietary Mod Friendly?

The only potential allergen in this bread is the flour, and it's not conducive to being swapped out for GF flours. Otherwise, it should be a safe and popular choice.

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