Monday, March 5

Our Favorite Sins

Pastor Todd Hunter opens his provocatively titled book with a cringe-worthy statistic fresh from the Barna Group's latest research: half of Americans have no idea what to do when faced with temptation. Of the remaining half, a vast majority admit that their standard responses to temptation are haphazard and often ineffective. It is into this gaping void that Hunter speaks, exposing why so many of us find ourselves helpless against temptation and how to exchange our frustrated despair for practical tools and long-term success.

I was significantly more impressed with this book than I expected. Hunter is compassionate but clear, staying on course and moving in an easy-to-follow progression. Chapters are relatively short, making for easy consumption in small bites and allowing opportunity for reflection and digestion of new ideas.

Demonstrating that struggles with temptation always boil down to disordered desires, Hunter shows that they can only be surmounted by reordering our priorities and freeing ourselves from the “tyranny of our wants”. Basing his insights on the hows of that reordering and the tools available to us entirely on the Bible and long-standing Christian practices, Hunter has produced a work that will resonate with and be accessible to Christians of any denomination. Whatever temptation you struggle with – from anxiety to lust – you'll find good ideas to combat it here!

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