Friday, March 16

Facebook Is Not A Diary

Diary: a private daily record of a writer's own experiences, observations, feelings, attitudes, etc.

Facebook: a social media platform

It seems as if it should go without saying that a social media platform (Facebook) by definition cannot be a diary (a private record).

And yet, somehow, the news anchors are all aflutter over the *cough* terrible invasion of privacy by employers and colleges who want to know what people are doing on Facebook before they hire/ enroll them.

So, as someone who appreciates that there are actually serious invasions of privacy going on in America right now, I'd like to make a few key points clear to those of you who are fussing about this nonsense.

1. Unless you are schizophrenic, you are only one person. What you do publicly on your own time does impact who you are during work time and your employer has a right to take it into account.

2. Your privacy settings are irrelevant. Facebook is by definition public; deal with it.

3. Yes, a person's character and conduct matter. No, just getting a degree or being qualified for a job or college does not make you a good fit for the position and you are not 'entitled' to be there.

4. Media: please stop embarrassing yourselves. There are plenty of real invasions of privacy going on with much more widespread and devastating effects. If you'd like something real to harp about, please avail yourself of one of those situations instead.

Thank you.

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