Wednesday, March 7

Kitchen Ingenuity

I clearly remember telling my mother at some point in my obnoxious adolescent omniscience that when I grew up I would make a lot of money so that I never had to reuse stupid ziploc bags. I hated washing them, hated waiting for them to dry and resented the extra work all around. (Sorry, Mom...)

My very patient mother took that in stride and is now probably thoroughly amused and certainly justified, because I do in fact save and reuse ziploc bags. And parchment paper. And everything else I can - do you know how expensive that stuff is?!

As if the expense wasn't bad enough, there's plenty to worry about on the safety end if you're a health food nut like me. Plastics inevitably leach, and that's never good.

For a while now, I've had these cute, food safe, reusable and Eco-friendly snack pouches on my "to make" list. (Aren't they adorable?) 

I've also had these nifty bowl covers on my "must try" list - aren't they a great idea? The only thought that remained nagging in the back of my mind was what to do about all those randomly shaped things you want to wrap up - partial loaves of bread, a couple spare pancakes, or the tops of water goblets you're chilling parfaits in. While I assumed I'd have to keep at least a little cling wrap on hand, Survival Mom was way ahead of me - she figured out how to make homemade (reusable) Saran wrap out of linen and canning wax!!

So while all these projects remain on my to-do list a while longer (soon - I really will get to them soon!), I am delighted to have found healthy Eco- and budget- friendly solutions for my kitchen.

What kitchen innovations are on your "to do" or "I wish I had" lists?

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