Sunday, January 8

Real Marriage Book Review

With courage and a delicate touch, Pastor Mark Driscoll and his wife Grace tackle the tough questions, sticky issues and most embarrassing questions Christians have about marriage. The size of this book is deceiving – an incredible amount of seriously life-changing information is crammed into this modest package!

Tackled topics include:
*What marriage is and should look like
*Dealing with the baggage of our pasts
*The effects of abuse on individuals and marriages and how to handle it
*Friendship as spouses
*Sex in marriage
*Reverse engineering your marriage for success

This book was different than any I have ever read on marriage and I strongly encourage everyone to read it, whether you're single, newlywed or have been married for years. There is a tremendous amount within these pages to think about – whether you agree with the authors' conclusions or not. Information is presented in a clear format and grounded in efficiently sited Biblical references. It definitely kept my attention and I was impressed with the authors' rare ability to state their own position firmly without bashing, insulting or dismissing other opinions or ideas.

A brief word of warning: this is not one of those books you probably want to take with you on the bus or to the gym. With provocative or easily misinterpreted section headings, it could lead to some blush-worthy conversations in the wrong company!

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