Sunday, January 29

I Am A Follower

The Leadership and Strengths Movements have it all wrong, according to author Leonard Sweet. Life and Biblical Christianity are supposed to be grounded in weaknesses, human folly and complete devotion to following Jesus. Only a community of Christ followers, discipling one another and living in the (often unexpected, almost always uncontrolled) rhythms of the Spirit can truly find and serve as examples of the way we are intended to live.

There are shards of wisdom and sharp insight here; Sweet sheds clear, cold light on legitimate flaws within the leadership movement. He makes startling and thought-provoking observations, many deserving of exploration and reflection. Clarion calls for reevaluation of Church programming and formating in the complete absence of one-on-one discipleship are valid.

Unfortunately, these gems are lost in a morass of tangled tangents, excessive quotes, and disorganization. There is no systematic argument or logical transition between points. No clear suggestions of how a body of believers should function in a leader-avoiding society informs his feel-good generalization of equality and harmony. Barely a quarter of the extensive quotations and anecdotes are appreciable and many are just distracting.

While the topic clearly merits discussion and action, this will not be the manifesto to move it forward.

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