Monday, January 9

Menu Idea Monday

I thought it might be fun try doing a regular feature on here with all the recipe ideas I have to share, rather than just throwing them on hit-and-miss as I have been. So here's the debut of Menu Idea Monday - let's see if it works out well! 

One of my favorite new recipes is Cinnamon Bun Popcorn which I found via Pinterest.

I won't copy the recipe here, because you should absolutely hop over to the site that originally posted it and check out their yummy pictures, but here are my recipe notes:


This stuff is AWESOME. Also, since popcorn has practically no calories, it's a guilt free dessert or snack food.

My Modifications: 

I skipped the pecans and almond bark entirely, both because I had none on hand and because they would significantly raise the calorie count.

I reduced the brown sugar to 1/4 cup, subbed 2 tbsp honey in place of the karo syrup, and reduced the butter to 4 tbsp. Using roughly the recommended 12 cups of popcorn, these reduced amounts were still plenty to coat and flavor the popcorn into decadent, crunchy deliciousness! 

Dietary Mod Friendly?

Diabetics who can tolerate corn should do fine with this recipe is they sub splenda brown sugar and reduce the karo to 2 tbsp.

Gluten Freers should be able to rock this one, with the standard caveat that all commercial products like baking soda, karo syrup, etc. should be checked for GF compliance before using.

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