Wednesday, July 20

Rumors of God

Like the magical bottomless bags in Harry Potter, Rumors of God by Pastors Darren Whitehead and Jon Tyson unpacks an impressive array of deep truths to soothe the hearts and inspire the souls of the wary, the weary, the wandering and the wondering in the modern Christian community. With patience and passion they dive right in to the touchy, sticky subjects most of us want long to address but shy skittishly away from: grace, justice, commitment, community, and God-sized dreaming.

These men clearly both know their stuff and live like it. Compassion and grace pour out of their writing, softening the sharp edges of the challenges inherent in the truths they display. Despite reading several reviews prior to picking this up, I was completely unprepared for the hard-hitting topics inside. I've never seen controversial topics like commitment to others and church communities handled so adeptly or genuinely; nor have I ever heard anyone frame the debate about modern culture inside and outside of churches in such accurate, articulate and viable terms.

This book will not only reshape how you look at the key issues of our time - it will equip you to deal effectively with them in your own life and to share fresh hope and truth with others.

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