Friday, July 8

Barbies at a Nightclub

A couple weeks ago I ran across a post at the Red vs Blue blog that stuck in my head because it was such a rare example of something that should be much more common.

Of her husband Geoff, Griffon wrote the following:

We have a bedtime ritual at home. After Millie [their daughter] puts on pajamas and brushes her teeth, one of us reads her a chapter (currently wrapping up Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone) ... and the other hangs out for five minutes. "Five minutes" can be talking, cuddling, a lullaby, playing or reading another chapter if it's a compelling part of the book. Tonight I read the story and Geoff did "five minutes". I left just as he and Millie were playing "Barbies at a nightclub". Geoff was flicking the flashlight off and on and beat boxing.

Best dad ever.

That was it. Just a short post, unrelated to and unprompted by anything in particular except her appreciation of her man.

It made me wonder why such open and public compliments of husbands are so rare these days.

Have you complimented the men in your life recently? (Fathers, brothers and sons could do with some compliments too, you know!)

Don't know where to start? Feeling a little threadbare in compliment department? Check out the wonderful series Anne over at The Modern Mrs. Darcy is running on encouraging your man!

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  1. Does it count if I tell my dad I have something for him... a beating? ;) lol