Friday, July 8


Yesterday's CSA basket came with a few surprises - one being a beautiful bouquet of snapdragons! This is only half of what we got - I used the rest in a separate vase someone else. I can't justify ever paying for fresh cut flowers, but I love having them around the house!

This decadent cookbook I got out of the library. I'd never heard of the bakery, but the recipes are fantastic! I just made "Brookies" which are chocolate cookies with the fudgey consistency of brownies. SO good!

This is a pack of six cauliflower plants sitting amongst the tiny garden corner of my balcony. They were the other surprise in our CSA pick up! I'm not sure we're really equipped to grow cauliflower up here on the third floor, but it should be an interesting experiment...

This is a bad picture of really good polenta croƻtons. They were super easy and are gluten free. Next time I'll flip them later in the cooking process and pull them a couple minutes earlier so they aren't quite so crispy.
This is an excellent book that I've wanted to pass along to anyone who does fund-raising of any kind. I've recognized a lot of wisdom in here that I learned as a hospitality major that other people may not have had reason to learn, and it's very well done resource for anyone looking to make up for tightening budgets at schools, clubs or non-profits.

This is the zucchini salsa I made and canned this week; it has to sit for at least a week before I can taste it and tell you how it turned out, but I have high hopes! I didn't bother taking a picture of the tuna cannelloni despite it's deliciousness because it was too monochromatic to photograph decently.

Last, but not least, this my faithful boy keeping an eye on me while I run around planning the National Aviation Day Celebration for ESAM. I caught up with the restoration shop crew and the research center guys today and am delighted to report the ball is rolling! Our special edition Wright Brothers exhibit is shaping up, as are plans for Open Cockpit photo ops and - as an awesome extra - Dinosaur BBQ will be vending food on site!!

There's a ton of work left to do, but it's going to be the museum's biggest event of the summer so start praying now for good weather and if you're nearby mark your calendar and plan to come! :0)

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  1. 18 months!?! I knew it was bad, but I didn't know it was THAT bad! Yowzers! Honestly, I focus so much on my own kids (who adore reading, like their mom and dad) that I don't think about other kids. I'm making a note to send books to my nieces and nephews, stat.

    Those snapdragons are beautiful :)