Friday, July 29

Locavore Challenge

Although I'm not familiar with the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA), I was delighted to hear that they're hosting a New York State Locavore Challenge this September!

According to their website:
"the campaign is aimed at engaging consumers across the state in eating local organic foods. The goal for this campaign is to educate consumers about how to make healthy and ethical food choices, cook with in-season, local organic foods, while supporting local sustainable farms and food businesses."

The program is totally free, and participants can sign up for as little as a day or as much as the whole month.

Whether you decide to officially participate or not, I would strongly encourage you to use this as an excuse to have some frugal fun with your family this September!

Make a date to check out the local farmers' market with your kids or a friend. Carve out time to stop by that co-op or health food store you always drive by but never find time to explore. Take your other half for a date to a local winery/brewery or celebrate the flavors of fall with a trip to a pick-your-own orchard or local food festival.

Eating local food doesn't have to be difficult, time-consuming or unappealing. Most of us have undiscovered or under-appreciated treasures in our own backyard foodsheds. Grab your calendar now before the back-to-school season floods every open second with activities and plan some time to enjoy the local bounty this fall!

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