Saturday, December 11


There are lots of things I like to do the old fashioned way, but when it comes to basting a quilt I'm very happy to cheat! I'm clearly not the only one, because someone invented this nifty stuff: basting spray!

Thanks to that (and the watchful border collie who kept wandering onto my fabric, inspecting for quality), I was able to make fairy quick work of getting the batting and backing onto my lap quilt.I failed to take a picture after I trimmed the excess off, but it looks good and is ready for the next step. I've temporarily put that step on hold, however, as I unearth myself from the piles of fabric squares that are going to be my next quilt.

As you can see, there's a bazillion tan squares that needed to be cut, stacked on my cream rectangles, marked and piled to await sewing. The good news is, this quilt is going to look fantastic when it's done so it will be worth all this patience!

I even rearranged the furniture in the den so that I can sew in there instead of sprawling stuff all over the dining room table! Not that I entertain while Eric is gone, but apartment counters are a bit on the small side for things like prolific ravioli and puppy treat making, both of which happen to be on my list for next week. Yum!

Anyway, all this should keep me out of trouble for while, which is good - Arthas could use a break from herding me!

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