Tuesday, December 21

Do Hard Things

Though the teenage authors specifically target their peers with their disarmingly elementary but profound message, this book carries a wake up call parents, youth leaders and pastors would be just as wise to heed.

In a marketplace rife with books lamenting the laziness, uselessness and ignorance of modern teens and the younger generations this one stands out for the astounding simple reason that it offers a viable, credible and trial-tested solution. In fact, it is a solution that every adult in this nation needs to hear and take to heart, because we have a vital role to play in the saving of ourselves and our youth.

Written in a straightforward fashion by twin brothers to their generation, the book lays a solid Biblical and historical foundation for each of its tenets before giving practical modern examples of how teens can – and already are – living these ideas out in real life. Well organized, articulately laid out and consistently realistic this book far outstripped my expectations for its potential – a fitting irony considering the author's key message.

Regardless of where you are in life or what you think about your generation and the ones rising up after it, you need to read this book – you will not be disappointed.

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