Tuesday, December 7


Years ago, while he was stationed in Japan, Eric purchased two beautiful oils on canvas. We've carted them through each of our moves, safely rolled up in a tube, and every time we moved into a new apartment we discussed getting them stretched and framed so they could be displayed.

But every time we priced it out, it was simply too expensive to be worthwhile. So they waited, tucked away in a closet somewhere until the next time.

Well this time, Eric and I have put real effort into making our apartment a home. We decided it was time to get these things framed and on a wall. Again, the cost of framing was horrendous. But a trip out to the Wilton Mall for something unrelated led us to the discovery of Frame of Mind, a framing store whose prices were dramatically less than half of what we'd been quoted anywhere else!

Delighted, we took them our oils on canvas and selected frames. I picked them up yesterday, and I have to post them here - they are even lovelier than I imagined they would be!

I tried to get pictures of the frames, because they're perfect, but these pictures don't do them justice. Either way, it's very exciting to have them finally done!

Now if only I was capable of hanging things level...

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