Sunday, December 12

New Recipes

I wish this picture had turned out as pleasing as the recipe tasted! This is the gnocchi with a Gorgonzola cream sauce that I tried yesterday. It was the first time I've successfully made gnocchi, and I was very happy. Add that one to the "keep" pile.

This picture won't win any prizes either, but the recipe was also a keeper - butter poached scallops with sautéed spinach. The spinach makes this recipe amazing, and I think next time I'll use salted butter just for the little extra kick. I'm very thankful that the nice gentleman at Hannaford's cheerfully picked out six individual scallops for me so that I could try this recipe without investing in an entire pound size bag!

This is a far cry from my usual isolation diet, and I look forward to my Prince's return so that he can reap the benefits of this experimentation.

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