Saturday, December 11

$20 per gallon

While sifting through my library's collection, looking for a decent audio book, I found $20 per Gallon - a projection of what our world will look like when the price of oil permanently skyrockets due to increasing scarcity.

Singularly unique to this book (besides the annoying chapter titles) was the author's perspective that all the upcoming changes in society, however painful the initial transition, were both necessary and positive. Throughout the book, his tone remained optimistic and his writing completely devoid of any fear-mongering which is typically a staple of the genre.

I did not agree with everything the book proposed, but it was excellent food for thought. He clearly had done his research and extrapolated the ideas to their fullest extent. It was slightly unnerving in places, as my mind filled in the darker shadows sure to fall in the wake of the author's bright ideals. Some of us, I know, will still cling to our "Jeffersonian" theories of independence and non-compliance and I am sure the shining new world he describes will be unimpressed to say the least.

Still, this was one of the most well thought out books I've seen on this subject and if you have the chance I recommend picking it up to see what you think.

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