Tuesday, May 18

What Not To Read

It has occurred to me that with all these book reviews, it looks like I have lots of time on my hands. That's not actually the case. I've just been lucky enough to get a lot of audio books from the library, and remembered to play them while I'm running around doing everything else. It's amazing how much you can get through that way!

That said, this post is short and simple because the title about says it all. The Checklist Manifesto reads like a completely fluff essay written by a disenfranchised honors student. Great vocabulary and excellent examples built around a shallow topic and flat thesis. Rich Dad, Poor Dad may have valuable advice to dispense, but I coudn't get far enough in to find out. Despite claiming to have grown up poor, the author sounds like a spoiled, obnoxious brat in his writing. His busy, soon-to-be-wealthy mentor comes off as a bad proponent of the socratic method: answering questions with questions, making unhelpful or insulting observations and devoid of encouragement or direct information. Not a positive combination. Guess I'll have to find my money wisdom elsewhere.

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