Monday, May 10

Family, Friends, Food and Flurries

That’s the last four days in a nutshell. Eric was home briefly between his Wisconsin trip (MOPP 4, anyone?) and his Greenland trip (thank you Sgt. King for making it happen!), and we packed the days with family time around the necessary packing and travel prep. Saturday filled up quickly with lunch with our favorite big brother and dinner with my godparents; it was wonderful to have a day devoted to catching up with the people we love… even if the weather was dismal! It may have snowed out our plans for a fire in the fire pit and the first smores of the season, but it was a good excuse to make fun cupcakes and we all had fun anyway!

(I bought this cupcake book, so expect to hear more about cupcakes as I keep trying my hand at adventurous and adorable treats!)

Sunday, Eric and I headed out to Albany. We dropped our poor Smart car off for some love and attention at the dealer, and then Eric treated me to a night at the Glen Sanders Mansion.

It was the essence of decadence. Flawless service, a tasteful suite with every amenity and a wine list that included Argentinian malbec. We have come to the conclusion that the true test of a restaurant is the wine list. If it includes a malbec, everything else inevitably proves to be good as well – the food, wait staff, décor – all of it! This was no exception. And may I just add that anyone who can put “warm chocolate gooey” on their dessert menu as an official dessert title earns extra points in my book? It was every bit as sinful as it’s name. It’s a good thing I’m not Catholic, or I’d be confessing until next week with the indulgences I’ve had in food alone this last week!

Which brings me to tonight’s cooking class. Entitled “The Lighter Side of Sauces,” it was taught by Rosita, the Chef/Owner of Cibi Deliziosi. She treated us to a roasted tomato sauce (delicious), two wine reductions incorporating caramelized onions and mushrooms (delectable) and a light béchamel that amazingly held it’s own against all the heavier original versions I’ve had. Sorry I have no pics to post of that, but it was great fun and I look forward to June's class - "Brines, Rubs and Marinades."

That's all that's new for now. Back to work and spoiling Arthas for me while Eric sleeps in ice trenches and learns how to rescue snowbound Hercs. That said, there will definitely be good posts to come when Eric gets back! :0)

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