Sunday, May 2

Meet Kimber

The week before last, my parents left in the middle of the day to "look at some puppies" because they were "thinking about getting a puppy". Having lost both Minka and Giles at the end of last year, it was agreed that another dog was probably in order at some point - Arthas gets worn out trying to keep all of us humans in line by himself!

Needless to say, they came back from that excursion with a tiny black and brown furball. After a lengthy debate we finally settled on the name Kimber (after the rifle - kudos to Chris for starting a trend!). Her first couple days were a little rough - still working through the after effects of her shots and deworming treatments, she was exhausted and sick.

Pretty soon, though, she was back to herself - perky and squeaky and oh my goodness does she have an attitude! Not a fan of baths, she just refuses to look at you after you've given her one. Sulks herself to sleep. Quite funny.

Kimber is a german shephard/burmese mt. dog mix, which means she has the potential to be rather sizable when she's grown. She's catching on to everything quickly, as she has Arthas for a big brother to watch and mimic. We can already tell she's going to be a digger (she's quick to "help" when we're gardening), and displays a baffling disinterest in peanut butter. I'm pretty sure the love of peanut butter is supposed to be a natural genetic trait in all dogs, so how this one isn't interested is beyond me. We're going to try tuna and see where that gets us.

A spoiled little girl, Kimber loves sleeping on beds and especially pillows. She's quite happy to snuggle with you and is rather unhappy if she can't see people. So don't walk away without telling her! I'll post more pictures soon, but this is at least something to start with. Enjoy!

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