Tuesday, May 25

Short Notice

My Prince is back from Greenland and had a wonderful time. Hopefully we'll get a chance soon to get some of his pictures posted, because he took some amazing ones! After two days in Albany, we've returned to Rochester for a few short days to pack - we're moving!

It's rather short notice; one of those situations where you think about something for a while but can't move forward and then - abruptly - things fall into place. Naturally we picked the hottest week of the year so for this adventure, but at least it won't be raining!

All the driving over the last couple days plus the packing process has me throwing a quick post up here with my latest read/don't reads before plunging back into the packing process. For a couple who's moved and streamlined their stuff as many times as we have, you'd think I'd have this down to a graceful process already... but I definitely don't...

Reads: Malcom Gladwell's Outliers and Let Me Go by Helga Schneider. Don't reads: Encouraging One Another by Nicole Johnson, Trust by Lydia Brownback and Crazy Love by Francis Chan. I feel slightly heretical telling you not to read those three, since they're popular in Christian circles, but I just couldn't connect with them. There's plenty of mind-blowing stuff out there to read, I have a hard time making myself read things I don't love.

Anyway... back to packing. Wish us luck!

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