Thursday, April 15

The Simple Woman's Daybook

I stole this phrase from the wonderful Marybeth Whalen, because I love when her posts are framed that way. I feel it fits the mood and day of a multifaceted woman.

Outside my window... sunshine! The flowers are being painfully slow to bloom, but the sunshine and green grass goes a long way towards lifting my spirits.

Around the web... I found this hysterical video. (Thanks to Beau for posting it first.)

On my desk... pretty glass hurricanes and three shades of ribbon that I am going to put together today in feminine displays, tag with my business card, and place around town to attract more Mary Kay business.

In my head... big plans. I'm learning the truth of the statement "When you think small, you're only thinking of yourself. When you think big, you're thinking of others!"

I am going... to the warehouse with Grant today.

I am hoping... the weather is better than they expect it to be this weekend. Don't they realize Eric has a flying lesson Saturday?!

I am looking forward to... going antiquing with Mom on Monday. We're long overdue for a girls' day out!

I am wearing... one of my new shirts to the studio tonight. I love getting Express tops for $1.50 at Goodwill.

I can't wait... to see Eric again on Friday. :0)

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