Wednesday, April 14


I know that the blogging world can be a slippery slope. Innocent poking about for inspiration and good ideas can quickly lead to deep indulgences in food porn, house porn and feelings of inadequacy or discontent.

That's why I am so grateful when I find balanced sites where the poster is not afraid to take pictures of their home or kitchen as is - dirty dishes in the sink behind their prize cake and muddy puppy feet on the featured white slipcovers. Ditto for the devotionals in which real women admit the times they've failed (or learned the hard way) to be a good friend, daughter, wife and mother.

So today, I share with you my favored sites. The ones that bless me and let me revel in encouragement and beautiful things without sliding down the slick slope discussed above.

The Inspired Room:
Proverbs 31:
The Nester:


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